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  • Sober Summer Beat Festival: A Family-Friendly Extravaganza on Nesodden

    As the winter winds down, families are in search of the perfect way to celebrate the sommer season's last hurrah. Dreaming of summer, sun and the salty sea in a sober setting. Look no further than the Sober Summer Beat Festival, an annual event held at Nesodden towards the end of August. This unique festival, organized by Morning Beat, offers a refreshing twist by promoting a completely sober environment. It's not just a festival; it's an experience that brings people together for a weekend of music, yoga, workshops, and family-friendly activities. Why Sober Summer Beat Festival? Safe and Inclusive Environment: The primary focus of the Sober Summer Beat Festival is to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals and families. With a strict policy against alcohol and illegal substances, the festival ensures a secure environment for all attendees, including children. Diverse Activities for All Ages: Unlike traditional music festivals, Sober Summer Beat goes beyond just music. The festival offers a diverse range of activities suitable for all ages. From health and yoga workshops to creative art corners for children, the festival caters to the interests of every family member. 3. Children-Friendly Programs: One standout feature of the festival is its commitment to providing a wholesome experience for children. The festival offers a summer school program for kids from Nesodden, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of the festival, from theme selection for the children's parade to crafting decorations. 4. Water Sports and Outdoor Fun: Families can enjoy water activities at the festival's café, where SUP-boards, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards are available for rent. The water trampoline adds an extra element of excitement, ensuring a splash of fun for everyone. 5. Cultural and Educational Opportunities: Sober Summer Beat Festival goes beyond entertainment by offering cultural experiences, including dance shows, theatrical performances, and educational workshops. Families can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of activities that stimulate both the mind and the soul. 6. Camping and Community Bonding: For those seeking a more immersive experience, the festival offers camping options for attendees with full festival passes. This creates a unique opportunity for families to bond with nature and each other, fostering a sense of community. 7. Focus on Health and Well-being: The festival emphasizes health and well-being with its yoga and movement activities. Experienced instructors guide participants through various yoga styles, ensuring a holistic approach to physical and mental wellness. 8. Delicious and Sustainable Food Options: Festivalgoers can indulge in delicious vegetarian and vegan food options available at the festival café. The emphasis on sustainability aligns with the festival's commitment to fostering a mindful and eco-friendly community. Sober Summer Beat Festival on Nesodden at the end of August isn't just a music festival; it's an immersive experience for families. The commitment to creating a sober, inclusive, and family-friendly environment sets it apart, making it the perfect destination for those seeking a unique and memorable way to close out the summer. So, gather your loved ones and head to Nesodden for a weekend filled with joy, connection, and the magic of Sober Summer Beat Festival. We still have early bird tickets:

  • Sober Afterwork by Morning Beat at Ostara: A New Wave in Oslo's Nightlife Scene

    "Sober Afterwork" by Morning Beat at Ostara is set to revolutionize Oslo's afterwork scene with its innovative concept, exciting lineup, and creative space. It's a breath of fresh air for those who seek a new way to unwind and socialize after work, with the promise of an unforgettable experience that combines music, culinary delights, and a cozy ambiance. This exciting venture promises a break from the ordinary with specialized mocktails and a delectable range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Let's dive into the details of this novel concept that is set to make a mark on Oslo's social scene. Ostara: A Unique Venue Ostara Restaurant and Bar is not your typical nightlife destination. Nestled in the city center, this hidden gem stands out with its creative charm and distinct character. It was the natural choice for Morning Beat to partner with, as they share the vision of bringing something fresh and exciting to Oslo's social calendar. Ostara's innovative approach to food and drinks aligns perfectly with the concept of a sober afterwork, offering a specialized mocktail menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds, as well as an array of vegetarian and vegan options that cater to the diverse palate of modern urban dwellers. Two Exclusive Sober Afterwork Sessions Morning Beat is going all out to introduce this groundbreaking concept with not just one but two exclusive sober afterwork sessions. The idea is to gauge the interest and reception of this unique experience. If it resonates with the crowd, there are plans to make it a regular monthly event starting in 2024. With a commitment to keeping things fresh and exciting, Morning Beat is willing to listen to the pulse of the city and adapt its offerings accordingly. The Stellar Lineup To ensure that the launch of Sober Afterwork is nothing short of spectacular, Morning Beat has enlisted the help of some prominent names in the music industry. Their all-time favorite femme, Safira, is set to be the driving force behind the music at these events. Safira has been an influential figure in the Norwegian music scene, connecting people through her versatile and dynamic music. Her style encompasses everything from deep and dark minimal to playful and psychedelic techno, making her a crowd favorite worldwide. Her mixes have been aired on radio stations in Germany, Sri Lanka, and Norway, and she's performed at clubs and festivals in Melbourne, Berlin, Goa, Krakow, Koh Phangan, and London. Her journey began in 2016 at Oslo Club Jaeger, and since then, she's spread joy through music. You can listen to her mesmerizing tunes on SoundCloud. Adding to the excitement, the event features a special guest, KOZY, a Montreal-based phenomenon who's a DJ and entrepreneur known as Jeff Koz. KOZY specializes in dark and groovy underground techno music and has founded AlpaKa MuziK, a record label that's pushing the boundaries of underground progressive, minimal, and psychedelic techno beats. With an impressive discography of over 80 albums and 400 tracks, AlpaKa MuziK is quickly becoming a powerhouse label in the underground techno community. KOZY's international experience includes four international tours, 75 gigs in 22 countries, and a European tour in November. He's all set to deliver an unforgettable experience with his unreleased bangers. Event Details Sober Afterwork at Ostara is not just about music; it's also about the overall experience. The event runs from 17:00 to 20:00, allowing you to unwind and have a great time without the pressure of late nights. The venue space can accommodate up to 50 people, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. This is an exclusive experience, you book a space through Vipps, but it's limited, so act fast. The event costs 490 NOK, which includes both food and drinks, and dance making it an excellent value for the experience. This event is a fantastic opportunity to support local bars and artists, helping them thrive in the bustling city of Oslo. To ensure you get the best spot and make the most of this unique experience, it's advisable to arrive early. "Sober Afterwork" by Morning Beat at Ostara is set to revolutionize Oslo's afterwork scene with its innovative concept, exciting lineup, and creative space. It's a breath of fresh air for those who seek a new way to unwind and socialize after work, with the promise of an unforgettable experience that combines music, culinary delights, and a cozy ambiance. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a foodie, or simply looking to meet new people in a relaxed setting, Sober Afterwork at Ostara is a must-attend event in Oslo. Morning Beat's commitment to adapt and evolve based on the audience's response ensures that this could become a regular monthly highlight in the city's social calendar. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this new wave in Oslo's nightlife scene.

  • Morning Beat Returns to Oslo Street Food on November 7th!

    Get ready for a high-energy morning as Morning Beat makes a triumphant return to Oslo Street Food on Tuesday, November 7th, from 7:00 to 10:00 AM! Morning Beat is not your typical morning event. We're here to kickstart your day with a bang, and here's why you can't afford to miss it! Dance Your Way to Happiness: Morning Beat is all about setting a positive tone for your day. We offer a drug-free environment (not because we're teetotalers, but because we're a n alternative) that's designed to make you feel alive and energized. Our vegan breakfast menu and ample coffee will ensure you're fueled and ready to go. But here's the secret to our success – dancing! Science has proven that dancing is fantastic for your body and mind. When you dance sober in the morning, your brain releases a natural cocktail of happiness chemicals: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. So, what's in store for you at Morning Beat? 7:00-9:00 AM - The Music: KOZY, a Montreal-Based Phenomenon: DJ and entrepreneur KOZY, also known as Jeff Koz, specializes in dark and groovy underground techno music. He founded AlpaKa MuziK, a record label that's been pushing the boundaries with world-class underground progressive, minimal, and psychedelic techno beats. With over 80 albums and 400 tracks, AlpaKa MuziK is quickly becoming a powerhouse label in the underground techno community. KOZY has gone on four international tours, played 75 gigs in 22 countries, and is currently on a European tour for November. Get ready to groove to his unstoppable arsenal of unreleased bangers! 9:00-10:00 AM - The Yoga: After the electrifying dance session, it's time to stretch out and find your inner zen with yoga. Drink and Eat: Enjoy coffee, tea, and occasionally mocktails and juice, all available for purchase. You can also grab a light breakfast to refuel. The Glitter Station: Visit the glitter station and add a touch of sparkle to your look! Be Who You Are: Dress up or dress down; we don't judge! In fact, we love theme-based costumes, so feel free to get creative. Ticket Details: Early Bird: 90 NOK Student/Senior: 150 NOK Dance + Yoga: 210 NOK Just Dance: 185 NOK Location: Oslo Street Food, Torggata 16, 0181 Oslo Important Reminder: Tickets are non-refundable, and there's a charge for yoga attendance. Don't miss out on Morning Beat – an exhilarating, drug-free way to start your day with a burst of positive energy and dance-induced happiness. Get ready to groove and make your morning unforgettable!

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